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Mirza Galibs Ghazals in Sharda's voice
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Audio clips of Mirza Galibs Ghazals in Sharda's voice
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From thousands and thousands of songs some of them, stay for ever and ever! Gazals are lyrical beauties of Indian music. And in the world of Gazals a name that is towering over all the names is “Mirza Ghalib”, The gazals of “Mirza Ghalib” are not only lyrical beauties but also philosophical wonders. In each and every gazal of his you will find a wonderful deep meaning that goes beyond the “Shama Parvana” syndrome. He has truly expressed his works as “Andaz – E- Bayan Aur.”. He took an absolutely different route of writing ghazals which went far beyond the approved tracks of his time. After centuries, his fan followings are growing day by day.

I was awestruck by the mystic charms of his gazals. And the tunes started forming harmoniously along with the lines of the verses. Yes. The tunes and music of album “Andaz – E- Bayan Aur” is also “hatke” from the norms of the style which is going on. Based in Arabic, Persian and other folkish musical styles. I had composed the tunes for the gazals going along with his “ Andaz- E- Bayan Aur” and set them to music and have sung them with my heart and soul. There are 24 gazals, which is the first time any one have recorded this many numbers of “Mirza Ghalibs” gazals.

Big companies are acting difficult siting flimsy reasons. Now, why would I need a company to release them? I don’t need sleazy models in skimpy out fits to present these valuable beautiful gazals! I have you, and I have this link to reach you, and that is all I need. Please listen to the demo and you can order, the C.Ds or cassettes, from your home. Remember this album is not available in shops.

The Titles Being Released Are As Follows:

Volume A Volume B
1. Aakho chahiye
2. Hazaron Khwahishen
3. Gairlein
4. Kyon Jalgaya Na
5. Ibne Mariam
6. Ishrate Khatra
7. Husn Ghamze
8. Koi Ummed
9. Dilenadan
10. Muddat Huyi
11. Dil Hi To Hai
12. Rahiye Ab
1. Hai Bus Ki Har
2. Nukta Cheen Hai
3. Koi Din
4. Ronese Aur
5. Phir Mujhe
6. Kee Vafa
7. Ishk Mujhko
8. Vo Phiraq
9. Kahete Ho
10. Dayam Pada
11. Bazicha
12. E Na Thi

Apart from this I am releasing one Bhajan album also, you may listen to these demos to get a “Jhalak”

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